I'm angelo and I do stuff

I'm a developer, writer and designer.

I'm a Scrum Master and awarded journalist.

I make music and I read tarot.

I have a daily podcast with short episodes.

I'm a proud generalist

My main focus is communication.

I can integrate a multidisciplinary team and work out the individuality of each member in order to deliver greater value to the customer and to the professionals.

I actually like being in meetings and organizing things. I'm a certified Scrum Master but adapt well to different Agile environments

Also, I code using Typescript and React.

I want

... to work with developers, designers, and product owners. Both technical and non-technical people, making sure the work is fun and important;

... to be a hub of information to anyone, from any department. A go-to place to solve problems and understand the big-picture;

... to be in the meetings no one wants to be, in order for them to use their time in an intelligent way: doing what they do best;

... to deliver high value in whatever format the client needs. My focus is web development, but this can change at any time.

I am

... a front end developer and consultant in foobar Agency GmbH, in Munich, Germany;

... a certified Scrum Master (PSM1);

... a daily podcaster. Cronofobia is a podcast in Brazilian Portuguese about multiple subjects (like, a lot, really);

... a writer and editor. I'm editing a Tempos Fantásticos book, with its entire history. It's already over 300 pages.

... an amateur solo music maker.

I was

... a tech lead of a small team on Seasoned.cc, working alongside designers and developers to build the HR web app Vibe;

... a full stack mobile developer at the livestock company Databoi, doing code and making critical technology decisions;

... a designer and front-end developer at Latin America's biggest newspaper, Folha De S.Paulo. I designed print and digital pages, built multimedia infographics, and developed internal and external digital tools. At Folha I worked on a project that won Brazil's biggest journalism award, among other prizes;

... a writer, editor, and manager in the satyrical sci-fi newspaper Tempos Fantásticos for 28 editions (3 years);

... a programmer of a box that prints poems, short stories, and comic strips in collaboration with an LGBTQIA+ house in São Paulo, Brazil.

... the scriptwriter of Combo Breaker, a silent story drawn by Brazilian comic artist Silva João.

... a self-published zine author (I even put up an online store), and a participant in Tefopress annual zine collection;

End notes


This website was first made using Gatsby, then moved to NextJS. It's written in Typescript and MDX, and hosted in Vercel.

It is also open source. See the code here.

A personal message

The older version of this portfolio/resumé was filled with texts and information about me and my projects. It was very fun writing the thousands of words in it, but no one actually read it.

That's why I ended up with this quasi single page website. More straight to the point, with less clutter.

Making this website has a lot to do with self-discovery and it's a therapeutical project. I hope you enjoy reading what I wrote here and end up being interested in, at least, sharing a cup of tea. Yep, I don't drink coffee. Shame on me.