I'm angelo and I do stuff

I'm a developer, writer and designer.

I'm a Scrum Master and awarded journalist.

I make music and I read tarot.

I have a weekly newsletter with multiple subjects.

I have a pretty nice resumé and cover letter.

I'm a proud generalist

My main focus is communication.

I can integrate a multidisciplinary team and work out the individuality of each member in order to deliver greater value to the customer and to the professionals.

I actually like being in meetings and organizing things. I'm a certified Scrum Master but adapt well to different Agile environments

Also, I code using Typescript and React.

I want

... to work with developers, designers, and product owners. Both technical and non-technical people, making sure the work is fun and important;

... to be a hub of information to anyone, from any department. A go-to place to solve problems and understand the big-picture;

... to be in the meetings no one wants to be, in order for them to use their time in an intelligent way: doing what they do best;

... to deliver high value in whatever format the client needs. My focus is web development, but this can change at any time.

I am

... a front end developer and consultant in foobar Agency GmbH, in Munich, Germany;

... a certified Scrum Master (PSM1);

... a daily podcaster. Cronofobia is a podcast in Brazilian Portuguese about multiple subjects (like, a lot, really);

... a writer and editor. I'm editing a Tempos Fantásticos book, with its entire history. It's already over 300 pages.

... an amateur solo music maker.

I was

... a tech lead of a small team on Seasoned.cc, working alongside designers and developers to build the HR web app Vibe;

... a full stack mobile developer at the livestock company Databoi, doing code and making critical technology decisions;

... a designer and front-end developer at Latin America's biggest newspaper, Folha De S.Paulo. I designed print and digital pages, built multimedia infographics, and developed internal and external digital tools. At Folha I worked on a project that won Brazil's biggest journalism award, among other prizes;

... a writer, editor, and manager in the satyrical sci-fi newspaper Tempos Fantásticos for 28 editions (3 years);

... a programmer of a box that prints poems, short stories, and comic strips in collaboration with an LGBTQIA+ house in São Paulo, Brazil.

... the scriptwriter of Combo Breaker, a silent story drawn by Brazilian comic artist Silva João.

... a self-published zine author (I even put up an online store), and a participant in Tefopress annual zine collection;


This website was first made using Gatsby, then moved to NextJS. It's written in Typescript and MDX, and hosted in Vercel.

It is also open source. See the code here.