I'm angelo and I do Cronofobia

I publish a (almost) daily podcast on Anchor, free to listen an available on a ton of platforms (but, mainly, people end up listening on Spotify).

It's sadly only available in Brazilian Portuguese (for now. Tweet me and ask for the English version). Even though, please click on Follow and leave 5 ⭐

Cover arts

Third and current season

The current cover art is made by the comic book artist Silva João. I did a silent comic book with him, Combo Breaker (read for free).

Cronofobia by Silva João

Second season

The cover art for season 2 was done by great tattoo artist Janaína Sirena.

Cronofobia by Janaína Sirena

First season

I didn't have a proper cover art on my debut until the illustrator RAVAEL (aka msrapoo) gave me one 💛.

Cronofobia by Ravael msrapoo

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