I like taking part in new projects, but what I really love is managing them. I had a hunch about this while playing games — base-building, complex-systems, intricate-strategies games — but only after studying on a Project Management post-grad course at Mackenzie University, in São Paulo, I figured out this was another one of my passions.

My most recent management activity is my sci-fi satirical newspaper Tempos Fantásticos. My tasks range from managing finances to building and maintaining publishing schedules. I also travels to fairs and events as one of the project's faces. You can read more about my role at Tempos Fantásticos here.

Unfortunately, I have never worked as a paid manager, although having this responsability in many projects, as Folha de S.Paulo's Climate Crisis.

One of my attributions was the development and maintenance of a complex schedule of journalists, photographers, video and photo editors and programmers. My task was vital to the project, as each chapters' deadline was short and overlapped these professionals travels or other tasks.

I also have experience in multidisciplinary mediation. Folha de S.Paulo's A World of Walls was managed mainly by desk editor Luciana Coelho, but I had to facilitate comunication between journalists, designers, programmers, photographers, translators, photo and video editors and management as one of my tasks. Making sure the project was on schedule and that everyone knew what was happening was urgent — explaining each other's work is like speaking different languages.

I'm open to positions in which management is a part of it. I'd love to work with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, to learn more about agile management and to work in an agile environment.