A World of Walls

About the project

With heavy focus on photography and video documentaries, 'A World of Walls' is a prize-winning feature from Folha de S.Paulo. From it's summary:

A more and more interconnected world is raising walls and fences to keep out those it considers undesirable. The number of physical barriers that existed in 2001 was 17: the figure has presently jumped up to 70*.

Some of them reinforce borders. Others divide the same population. Some seek to stop the refugee flow. Others hide poverty. Or fear. Or war. Or inequality. Or climate change.

Folha went to four different continents to uncover what - and who - lies behind them.

'A World of Walls' is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish



The main issues with this project was the heavy reliance on photography and video formats. We had to work around Folha's technology demands and develop a mosaic-esque scheme for the pictures — beautifully handpicked — and ways to display 360º and regular videos with different looks and impacts on performance.

Working together with editors, journalists and photographers, the digital team had a big part in mixing text, images and videos together, making a probable masterpiece in journalism.