Climate crisis

Aerial view of overpopulated Gardi Sugdub, or Crab island, in the San Blas archipelago, Panama - Lalo de Almeida/Folhapress

About the project

From the project's summary:

Evidence of global climate change is increasingly irrefutable, with the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Folha visited three continents to explore the impact of climate change on people’s lives. The resulting nine-part series assesses the costs of adapting to a new reality — before it is too late.

Published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Photos used in this portfolio are by Lalo de Almeida.

Development details

Made using a team-built React boilerplate at Folha, the main issue of this project is making content available for Google's crawlers, while being able to deploy changes using Folha's internal system.

The solution was to mix a few technologies. The pages are built with their latest changes as static HTML and, after loading the JS script, updated with new changes — coming through JSON files. When the team is available, the project is redeployed so the new changes are made static.

Youtube's API is used in the autoplaying video infographics and a heavily adapted New York Times' AI2HTML is used generating infographics from Adobe Illustrator.