Comics H-alt

I wrote the script of a few short comics for the portuguese magazine H-alt. Below, a few words about them. Sadly, all comics are in portuguese, except the first one.

Shots between Fangs

Shots Between Fangs was originally published in the portuguese magazine H-Alt. With only seven pages, it's violent and visceral, with geometric shapes and dark colors.

See about this particular story clicking here.


A short story about time travel and lottery. Originated after the concept that if someone had time travelling abilities, they'd win the lottery. What if the lottery was a government agency focused on arresting these travellers?

Amado Planeta

A kind of cliché story about a space traveller coming back to earth after a long voyage.

Cidade Sonora

A poetic trip around the city and it's never ending sounds.


I was interviewed by H-Alt's editor Sérgio Santos about my work. In portuguese, below.