Infinite Abyss

Made in 2014, after waking up from nightmares. I had played a session of brazilian RPG "Abismo Infinito" (in english, Infinite Abyss, hence the name) the night before and the cosmic horror setting got me really deep.

The song narrates the journey of a space traveller that, after waking up, suffers from the impact of cryosleep and has allucinations.


Waking up
after twenty years of space travel
it's not easy, it's not easy at all
you can't feel your limbs
you can't feel your mind in place
everything seems wrong right now

Waking up
is not exactly waking
you keep dreaming, you keep walking around
you're afraid of every little shadow
every blink, every sound

You got things to do,
and nothing has taken you away from Earth
There's unfinished business, lost loves and memories
you need to come back

But it's hard to stay awake
you never know when you're dreaming or not
because every place or time
you close your eyes
everything looks wrong

Earth is a memory, a concept,
something from the past
I can't remember the face
of people I left back there

I'm confused, sleep and tired,
reality is not rational
desperation, halucination, sleep deprivation,
I'm delusional

In this infinite abyss
everything is dark
even the brightest of stars
I think I saw a ghost
I'm losing my mind!

I'm the only one awake but
I'm hearing voices, sounds, footsteps
I'm sending this cry for help
S.O.S! The pilot is dead.