Trial and Error

I wanted to learn Ableton Live by doing, so I went there and made songs. After a while, I purchased an Ableton Push 2 and continued my music making research.

They were made organically, almost all of them in one or two days, with a mindset and feel. I talk about each one below. Hit play, listen, read.

The Revenge of the Marching Household Robots

I absolutely love Ableton's Orchestral Horns. I decided to do this piece thinking about household items running amok. Think about the vacuum cleaner joining hands with the blender to hurt and maim.

Think about a megazord of microwaves, toasters and refrigerators.

Diabolical Party

During the development of the melody, I thought it needed some human touch and started searching for eerie and suspense movies. I found a few Hitchcock films and remembered 'Rope', a 1948 movie that fakes an entire long shot. The movie has some awesome quotes about murder, so I took them as my main theme.

The translation of 'Rope' wasn't marketable in Brazil, so they sold the film as 'Diabolical Party', hence the title of the song.

The song wasn't going to change in the middle, but the quote "making our work of art a masterpiece" made me crave for a new take on the melody.

Marcha do Vento

In english: Wind March. I did this trying to achieve a game-like soundtrack. I thought about a village scene, where the hero gets to a safe place after beating a set of hard levels.

Like this? I'd love to make music for your game.


The first song I made with Ableton Push 2.

I think of detectives, the cool ones. Those with flasks under their vests, dirty cigarretes and shady methods. They go about their business after midnight and sleep while the sun is up. Their job is not clean but efficient. They wear hats.

(Also, caves, this would work very well in a cave level in a game)

Good News

I wanted to see what I could make with one hour and Push 2. I picked random sounds and this was the result.