According to Merriam-Webster:

Stuff - noun

1 - materials, supplies, or equipment used in various activities

2 - material to be manufactured, wrought, or used in construction

3 - a finished textile suitable for clothing

4 - literary or artistic production; writing, discourse, talk, or ideas of little value

Albeit disagreeing with the aforementioned little value, I always thought cool starting articles with dictionary citations.


I am a morning person — as opposed to my mostly nocturnal peers. This characteristic can be seen as simply uncommon or, when living with me and noticing my joyful smile at 6 am, as almost psychopatic.

My time (from ungodly early to late at night) is invested "making stuff".


One very singular example of stuff I do is my three-year-running satirical newspaper, Tempos Fantásticos. After thinking how to mix journalism, design and science-fiction, I designed, wrote and sold the newspapers' first edition. I did my best to unite passionate people and, after a few issues, I had a team of volunteers working alongside me. The publication improved a lot over three or four years.

Another of this stuff is... well, this website. I love to code and I'm eager to learn new technologies. Beyond paid work, like quizzes, data-driven search tools and storytelling platforms, I'm excited to take part in new digital projects. Some of them stuff I'm working on are still very secret.

Stuff is what makes my heart beat and what keeps my cogs in motion. I'm equipped and skilled to do a lot of stuff. While in Journalism school, one of my teachers said:

"You should become multimedia professionals: not only writers, but video editors, moviemakers, programmers and, when possible, all of that combined"

As it seems, I kept that advice as a promise to myself.

Renaissance man

Obviously I woudn't be an idiot and call myself a "renaissance man" (nor put the term as a subtitle of one of my articles). Apart from that, the term describes my abilities very well. I can do a shitload of stuff and even like to be a (god forbid!) generalist.

You read it right. I'm a generalist and kinda proud of it.

I can:

  • build websites from the ground;
  • write endless lines of code;
  • write endless pages of fiction;
  • design for print and digital;
  • manage project(s);
  • cook a killer cheese quiche;
  • try to be funny when I should be serious.

Whoa, that's a big list... and that doesn't even scrach the surface of what I do.

If you read this far, I recommend clicking here and going back to the main page. There you can explore more stuff I do and even know me better, like, knowing what I do when I'm not working — mostly never.

I'd like to work:

  • Mixing design, coding and journalism;
  • Remotely;
  • Abroad — I'm from Brazil;
  • As an alternative model (one can dream);
  • As a fulltime fiction writer (one can dream, right?).