tarot reading

I define myself as an agnostic tarot reader. I'm not into crystals, candles or aliens. I'm deep into understanding tarot meanings and symbology, as a means to understand ourselves in our present moment — as if the cards were asking the unwanted questions.

Illustration of Angelo reading cards


Thomas Henry Huxley coined the term agnostic with the meaning we know now in 1869. In his view, everything lacking ways of proving should't be confirmed — not meaning the subject doesn't exists, only that we should research the researchable and let the not researchable just be.

According to philosopher William Rowe, if god is impossible to be proven with the scientific method, that can only mean that god is impossible to be proven, not that he exists or not.

From that thought, I see myself as an agnostic tarot reader. I'm not interested in proving that tarot works (whatever that means) or that the ebb and flow of the universe has an origin or an ending — a single god or multiple ones, angels or demons, etc.

My job as a tarot reader is to interpret the combination of a set of cards based on the acquired meaning of each card.


I prefer not to know what the person I'm reading for — the consulent — wants to ask the cards. I prefer to put them in front of me, read each one's meaning and make the necessary connection. I hope they make sense for the consulent... and almost every time they do.


I usually read the traditional Celtic Cross spread. I chose this spread because of the large number of users and its traditionality. I'm eager to learn new spreads and ways to use them.

Set of cards

I read Rider-Waite-Smith's deck. I prefer these cards because they were his first and their design has a lot of symbolism. I'm always looking for a new deck to read from, but let's say they have never called me like th RWS's has.

Acquired meaning

I have a christian background, so of course my symbolic understanding comes from a christian basis. But, as a major part in his agnostic reading, I'm always trying to learn new symbol relationships from other cultures and religions, even trying to rip these references off and read the card as religion-free as possible.

I understand and respects my religious peers. I even recommend that, if looking for religious (or religious-based) guidance, the consulent should contact these individuals and not me.


At the moment, I give in loco and online readings. You can contact me through angelo[at] with 'Tarot' as subject.