Capotes Marrons' podcast cover

Capotes Marrons

A Firefly Podcast


April 2020


Personal project


Me and four fans of the best western-sci-fi series ever made


creation, production & hosting


What do you do when you can't find a podcast commenting episode-by-episode of your favorite sci-fi series? You go there and create it.

We understood — better late than never — that Capotes Marrons means something funny in French

I absolutely love Firefly, the 2002 series about cowboys in space. So, to celebrate the series 18th birthday, I got three friends to record a podcast commenting each and every episode from the series — all fourteen of them.

The result is — in portuguese only — Capotes Marrons, a free translation of Browncoats.

The podcast is hosted on Anchor and can be listened in a lot of places, like Spotify.

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