A scene of the Clara Mem movie with a hand towards the screen and a blue background


A sci-fi short film


July 2017


MIS - Image and Sound Museum, Brazil


A multidisciplinary team of artists and technicians and I




I was invited by MIS to co-write a short film in their experimental cinema department. A brief summary: "Alberto is caught in a time loop in this sci-fi short film".

I wrote a script for MIS's (Museum of Image and Sound) experimental cinema division alongside Daguito Rodrigues. The result was Clara.mem, a short film about memory, traumas and technology.

In this short, Alberto (Igor Armucho) wakes up feeling a bit odd. He dresses-up, as usually, but when he crosses the door to leave his apartment, he is automatically taken back inside. As much as he tries to leave, he ends up by returning to the same place. His trials and errors make him realize he's trapped inside his own mind and memory.

Watch it below:

Watch the making-if:

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