The cover of Eu Fico Puto zine

Cronofobia Zines

My artistic experience creating zines about life, death and other stuff


October 2019


Personal project


Me 😬


Writing, drawing, coding, everything


Looking for an escape from traditional publishing standards I discovered zines and zine culture, coding my very first storefront and publishing multiple zine issues

I decided to make zines in any way I wanted, without following set rules or schedule. In order to do that, I set up my first e-commerce website, and started selling these publications in a pay-what-you-want way (influenced by Panel Syndicate)


I wanted the website to be as simple as possible, without navigation changes, making everything showing up at the same moment. The design was influenced by my need to learn React and the way its states communicate. It would be so much easier to code it with today React standards and toolkit.

As the zines would be printed in black and white, with a LOT of whitespace, I chose this contrasted look as my design choice.

Instead of hard to look at screenshots, see it live here.


All of the zines were written in a day or two — some took a day to drawn and another to write. Some of them were edited in InDesign, others were just xeroxed and passed forward. There are mixed themes and ideas, and I'd really love if you could go there and download them. Payment is disabled at the moment.

What do you think?


This was one of my first React websites outside of my day-job at Folha de S.Paulo. The code might be messy, but it was a great learning experience. See it here, feel free to fork it.

I thank Pilker, Rubens Fernandes, Thiago Almeida and Lucas Golino for the boilerplate, feedback and (mainly) enormous patience. I specially thank Lucas Golino for helping me write the back-end, a very messy connection with Mercado Livre's API — the worst API documentation I've ever seen in my life.

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