A cut from a Folha Explains video

Folha Explains

I presented a series of videos explaining topics ranging from conflicts in Syria, to medication inspection in Brazil, to how to record videos with your cell phone.


June 2017


Folha de S.Paulo


TV Folha's team and I


Writing & hosting


TV Folha needed a cool and hip presenter to reach younger audiences. Well, they chose me.

Folha explica (Folha explains) was a periodic Folha de S.Paulo's series that aimed at talking about various national and international subjects in a dynamic way.

I hosted some episodes, seen below.

My favorite (and less hard-news-ish) is a tutorial about how to make videos with your cellphone.

The videos were directed and edited by TF Folha's crew: Daigo Oliva, Edson Sales, Liel Marín, Giovanni Bello, William Mur, Gustavo Simon

Special thanks to Giovanni Bello and William Mur — that shaped the format, and the always ready Edson Sales and Liel Marín.

Another favorite, with way less comedy, is about Syrian conflicts.

We also followed political events, like operation Carne Fraca from Brazilian federal police, amongst others.

I really liked to make science related videos, like one about the Saint Paul and Saint Peter archipelago and how Brazilian authorities regulate meds.

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